Job Details

February 13, 2018
York Region, South
Trades / Apprenticeship
Full Time, Seasonal/Temp

N #057 Core Operator 6 month contract

Job Title: Core Operator

Hours: Fulltime Contract 6 months

Rate of Pay: TBD

Location: Gormely

COMPANY: Miller Maintenance


    Road maintenanceactivities onhigh volumefreeways


    Preparingpatrol diaries and otherrecords and documentsregardingworkaccomplished

    Traffic control set upand take down

    Equipment operation of loaders,tractors, sweepers,etc.

    Emergencyresponseto accidentsandspills



    DZ License

    Knowledge of OTMBook7traffic control

    Interpersonal skills/teamplayer


    Flexible with workhours

    Must beavailable tobe oncall periodically

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